Sony A95L 4K OLED Review and Specifications

Sony A95L OLED Review

Sony’s ditched the weird stand design of previous models and went for something much more traditional on the Sony A95K OLED – namely, two feet set at opposite ends. The 55-inch and 65-inch models have Standard or Soundbar positions; both will need three large cabinets if you’re not planning to wall mount. The 77-inch model has a Narrow position that requires about 23″.

This color gamut for HDR on this TV is outstanding; it can display the entire DCI-P3 color space that’s used by most HDR content, and color accuracy that comes very close to perfect. It also has excellent coverage of the wider Rec. 2020 color space, with fantastic tone mapping added. Pure blues and green are just a little off, though very minor; it won’t be readily noticeable at all in most content.

This TV offers fantastic color volume. It produces a very near-infinite contrast ratio, perfectly expressing dark-colored saturated colors. This QD-OLED panel extensively makes color details much brighter compared to traditional WOLED TVs like the LG G3 OLED.

With the Out-of-box configuration set slightly, this Sony A95L offers great SDR accuracy. White balance and color accuracy will not raise flags, while color temperature comes very close to the target. Gamma is almost spotless but appears to be trending scenes too black at the brightest end.

While calibration isn’t necessary with this TV, in case you want to, it’s incredibly user-friendly. We had to do the 2-point white balance calibration on our unit, after which the 10-point was needed—and from here on out, colors didn’t require any further tuning.

The gray uniformity on this TV is superb. Very bright scenes with monochromatic content look excellent, and virtually, there is no dirty screen effect in the center. Dim scenes are good, but in near-black scenes, vertical banding is noticeable. While very faint vertical bands are standard to all OLED displays, it’s worse with Sony A95L compared to others, and other owners also reported the same thing.

The Sony A95L does a great job of handling reflection. In bright light, the intensity is very much reduced, and with the TV switched on, they are barely noticeable at all. Similar to the Sony A95K OLED, there’s a slight purple haze to the screen when there is ambient light; it’s hugely less apparent than on that model, however.

The Sony A95L remote is premium, with a brushed silver finish. The buttons light up automatically when you run your hand over or pick up the remote. A mic’s also built into the TV for hands-free voice control or to help you find your remote.

It comes with a BRAVIA webcam that you can attach at the top. This provides additional features like auto power-saving mode and darkening of the screen when one walks away. It also boasts gesture control and proximity alert.

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