Some Errors Made in Data Recovery

Software users usually expertise panic and frustration once the files on their machines cannot be accessed. It’s usually significantly nerve-racking for homeowners of small- and medium-sized businesses. they do not have the resources that giant corporations command, and a loss threatens to place them out of business permanently.



Data recovery services provide recovery assistance to the business owner, retrieving lost files for a fee. However, some people will try to recover the files themselves to save money. This can be done in some instances; however, if mistakes are made, the data might never be found.


Probably the biggest mistake is getting in a hurry, coupled with poor planning. Recovering from a data disaster recovery is usually the last thing a small-business owner plans to address. Unfortunately, it’s also one circumstance that can quickly shut their doors. When disaster strikes, they will try anything that they might have heard, often worsening the situation. The best advice is to shut off the machine, sit back calmly and formulate a plan.


Another mistake some people make is opening the hard drive case. They think they will discover the problem by peeking inside. Because of the delicate components in a drive, this sometimes spells doom for the data contained on the drive. This task should be entrusted to a data recovery service that maintains the proper equipment for the job.


When a laptop or pc won’t boot up, even when the hard drive spins up, the likely culprit is a logical failure. This often happens when system files have been corrupted or deleted. A user with a little knowledge of computer operations may try to re-create the drive’s partition. They know the data is still there; they just need to repair the system. Unfortunately, this can also lose data permanently.


Akin to partition re-creation, formatting the drive before the files are recovered will also result in permanent loss. Formatting overwrites all of the files on the disk. The chances of a successful recovery are slim to none.


Even if the user knows that recovery is performed before system repair, he may try to save the data back on the same drive, another big mistake. The area where the original files were stored may be perceived by the system as available. Therefore, the computer may write some of the recovered file over the unrecovered files, deleting them before they can be retrieved. Recovered files should always be written to alternate locations, such as an external drive or a secondary internal drive.


When the computer owner finally realizes that the drive should be taken to a data recovery specialist, he should always provide the recovery engineer with as much relevant information as possible. This is especially important when server recovery is needed. Servers can be designed with one of several RAID configurations, each with its own recovery procedure. Failure to provide all of the pertinent information hurts the chances for a successful recovery.

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