Review: Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro

Review: Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro

Being a Samsung phone user, I’ve always wanted to experience the Galaxy ecosystem to see how seamlessly they can bind software and hardware together. The South Korean tech giant recently added its new series of laptops with the Galaxy Book4, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors. And when I got a chance to review the Galaxy Book4 Pro,

Being a Samsung phone user myself, I always wanted to use the Galaxy ecosystem to see how seamlessly they bring software and hardware together. Recently, the South Korean tech giant brought its Galaxy Book4 laptop series that gets power from Intel Core Ultra processors. And when I got an opportunity to review the Galaxy Book4 Pro, I couldn’t get a hold of myself.

I have had some time with the Galaxy Book4 Pro for about three weeks now; here’s how it performs. The real question is where the Samsung ecosystem struggles against Apple’s.

A premium finish The metal unibody finish is available on the Galaxy Book4 Pro laptop.

I love simplicity, so to me, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro is a perfect machine, most especially because its practicality weighs in more than its looks. The laptop has a plain look on the surface but contains features running beyond expectations. This new gadget within the Galaxy Book series is indeed an all-solid laptop—the Galaxy Book4 Pro.

From the expansive trackpad to the large, spacious keyboard accompanied by a dedicated NUM-pad, the Book 4 feels just about perfect for most users—MacBook transitioners included.

Anchored on its metal built and aluminum surface, the Galaxy Book4 weighs 1.56kg at 16 inches in size, is pretty amazingly light, portable, and easy to walk around with, despite the heavy specs. Quite unsurprisingly, it also features support for a USB-A port—impeccable and appropriately much-needed for people like me who are fond of gaming mice.

Also, it has a full-size HDMI 2.1 port, which I think is a rather handy inclusion for a laptop this size. It also has a microSD card slot and USB-C ports with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Great display

 The Galaxy Book4 Pro is not the sharpest display but surely one of the brightest and color-accurate screens on a laptop.

Known by all for its display technology, Samsung has one among the very best screens one can have on any 16-inch laptop. The OLED screen looks sharp and colorful, with a native resolution of 2880x1800p rich across its 16 inches. With an anti-reflective coating, it minimizes light reflections to aid a better viewing experience under any lighting condition.

Festive offers

Most laptops come with sharp-edged corners, but the Galaxy Book4 Pro has arched corners around the device. It reminds me more of a tablet rather than a laptop. It’s also one of the most significant devices I’ve used so far that needs nothing other than touch input. The refresh rate of 120Hz means everything seems smooth on this machine.

Touch input makes the Galaxy Book4 Pro a large-screen tablet, too.

Now, with the more prominent display comes many advantages. I used the Galaxy Book4 Pro as my prime source of entertainment. On days when I get off early from work, I take this laptop along to the coziest corner of my house and watch my favorite flicks and YouTube videos. Added to this are the AKG-tuned speakers on the Galaxy Book4 Pro, which carried out an admirable job at movie nights, though once again, these still weren’t anywhere near the clarity and loudness of the 16-inch MacBook Pro M2 Pro.


Samsung still has some way to go in terms of its ecosystem

Now there, Samsung needs to do a lot more about its ecosystem because the marriage between Galaxy series smartphones and Galaxy Book seriously lags behind that of iPhone and MacBook. Sure, my Galaxy Buds 2 seamlessly switched from my Galaxy S23 to the Galaxy Book4 Pro. But I think there’s nothing extraordinary about it. To receive texts and calls on this device—like any other Windows laptop—I had to set it up through the Phone Link app.


Of course, apps like Intel Unison can be set up, but it’s a setup process. Responsive Imagine a MacBook here and an iPhone on the other side with the same Apple ID working with each other—that’s not going to have any extensive setup process to be undertaken there. Curiously, Quick Share was pre-d_aclined so that now I could seamlessly get anything sent from my Android phone into this laptop if You’re Looking For A Seamless Laptop-Smartphone Combination.


Powerful AI hardware.

 The Galaxy Book4 Pro laptop will pack an Intel Core Ultra processor. The Galaxy Book 4 Pro is one of Samsung’s first AI PCs, powered by an Ultrabook Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor with Arc graphics and 32 GB RAM, 1TB internal storage.


 This laptop on Geekbench 6 scored 2284 points in the single-core CPU test and 12484 points in the multi-core test. I ran Far Cry 6 at 1080p resolution with High graphics settings and witnessed an average FPS of 29; gameplay was still decent enough. 


For those who would use the laptop for video calls/e-meetings, this comes with AI-assisted features such as Auto-frame, Background Blur, and iSight Correction on platforms such as Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom. A 1080p camera provides image sharpness. 


The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro holds a place as the best among all, especially for people who want a capable Windows laptop with the perks of premium build quality, fresh hardware, and long battery life. This one can quickly go beyond seven hours on a single charge, given tasks such as light web browsing or video streaming. Under the hood, not having a dedicated GPU does hurt a bit, considering the price tag of Rs 1,81,990 for this machine, but it has everything most users want in a thin and light laptop.

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