Asian Games 2019: For India to win more medals in swimming

They train in the same city, but in different locations. Yet, during their compelling performances in the Asian Games, teenager Srihari Nataraj and Virdhawal Khade who is palpably the elder statesman of the Indian swimming team, were woven together in their pursuit of excellence by some threads like singularity of purpose, insatiable hunger to improve and relentless hard work.

They are also the flag-bearers of a sport in India which will soon find it hard to compete with other disciplines if it is not already in that position. More importantly, however, they represent different parts of the spectrum of the Indian swimming story – Khade, soon to be 27, representing what could have been and Nataraj, 17, what could possibly be.

Let us consider some facts before we take that discussion up. At the Asian Games, Indians have so far secured places in half a dozen finals, with Khade’s fourth place finish in the 50m freestyle final being the best. They also earned reserve berths in two finals and rewrote National records eight times. And, the two men in focus accounted for six records and four finals.

Virdhawal Khade’s fourth-place finish in men’s 50m freestyle is India’s best result swimming so far in the games. AFP

There have been questions, mostly from those who probably do not appreciate the standard of swimming in the continent, about the value of the National records since they did not lead to medals. A look at the medals tally in the Asian Games offers a helpful hint. Japan and China have cornered bulk of the medals.

And only five other countries claimed any medals, Singapore’s Olympic Games champion Joseph Schooling winning two gold medals from under the noses of the swimmers from the ‘Big Two’ in the 50m butterfly final in 23.61 seconds and in 100m butterfly final with a Games Record time of 51.04. Korea, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Vietnam figured in the charts with at least a medal.

Of course, the statistics do not augur well for India but there is hope yet. It has to be believed that the two men will have done a fair bit in raising the profile of the sport with their consistent performances at the GBK Aquatic Centre in Jakarta.

One has made it a habit of lowering the National Record each time he enters the pool – and Nataraj had already shown that he could do it in the Commonwealth Games – while the other rewrote a couple of sprint records that he set as a teenager nine years ago. They are both driven by the desire to excel at the highest of platforms – the Olympic Games in 2020.

With due respect to all those who have nurtured these champions, it is time for Swimming Federation of India (SFI) to script a professional course. Many years ago, swimming received a shot in the arm when Australian Eric Arnold coached the Indians, notably Khajan Singh. It is time that a similar boost of inspiration comes by and helps talented swimmers raise their own standards.

With Bengaluru now boasting of a world-class aquatics centre in the Padukone-Dravid Centre of Excellence, it should be possible for the Sports Authority of India (SAI) to tie up with it so that the country’s best swimmers could train there – with their own coaches and perhaps with those commissioned from overseas.

Khajan, who won the 200m butterfly bronze medal in the Asian Games in Seoul in 1986, is among those who cry themselves hoarse that India does not lack talent. Clearly, the country needs a modern high-performance plan that will ensure that the really talented youngsters – and there are a few like Advait Page and Neel Roy – are groomed to win medals at the continental level.

Perhaps, the teenagers can try and discover the NCAA route that high jumper Tejaswin Shankar has taken. Nataraj would be worried if his grades will get him to a good university or not. His timings and potential will help. Surely, India’s sports establishment can find him a solution, without his having to take a study loan to find the right environment to evolve more rapidly.

It is important that he does not go the same route as Maana Patel, the 18-year-old backstroke swimmer from Ahmedabad, who was in the TOPS list in 2016. By insisting on her remaining in the Gujarat capital, some officials stunted the chances of her growth. Worse, the 18-year-old’s injury woes have kept her away from competition for a year now – and from the Asian Games.

It is time for the SFI to wake up to the reality that the sport faces a threat from many other disciplines, especially with many states announcing lucrative rewards for medal winners in the Asian Games. There is no doubt that swimming is a visual delight, but for the sport to stay relevant, it is imperative that it invests a lot more in discovering and honing talent.

The best people in the business, including some from overseas, must come together and find a way to take the elite swimmers, especially Nataraj, to the next level. Without exception, the talented in any sport need a great deal of planning to rise and be counted at the international level. It can only be hoped that the backstroke swimmers are nurtured with care.

Else, four years later, we would be talking about missed opportunities. Again. And Nataraj may well be the Khade that we would be speaking of. In hushed and poignant tones


Importance of Accident Insurance


Think about a state of affairs wherever the bread winner of the family gets concerned in associate accident throughout a vacation trip. the full family would ought to face innumerable hassle when the incident, with the exception of the mental trauma. The introduction of a policy to fulfill the implications of such unforeseen things became a reality within the 1800s. although it’s ordinarily named because the accident insurance, it’s constant options as that of the incapacity financial gain that’s provided to numerous those who meet with accidents.


A number of people are not aware of the correct purpose of the personal accident insurance cover. It does not serve the sole purpose of providing financial support to individuals who face accidents during a trip for which they have been insured. It is a policy that completely covers all the expenses that occur due to an accident. This can be either daily or monthly payments and in case of death due to an accident, a lump sum payment can also be done. One of the most inexpensive forms is that of accidental death and dismemberment. The various insurance agencies which offer such policies differ from each other in many aspects. There are various ways to buy such an insurance coverage and each agency provides coverage to only a set of requirements.


The cost incurred in getting this insurance varies with respect to the needs of a person. Situations that have less chances of occurrence such as traveler’s accidental death insurance are lesser than that of injury when not at work which require a lot of medical attention. Moreover, missing work on account of such accidents would normally tend to cost more. There is a misconception that accident insurance pays for a very long period of time. It is usually paid in percentages with death getting a hundred percent payment. Increase in payment is done for certain special cases like meeting with an accident while wearing a seat belt and so on.


The main reason why a lot of individuals purchase this insurance policy is to supplement the already existing insurance coverage. Getting the benefits of foregone income is the most attractive aspect of this special personal accident insurance policy. You never know when you might meet with an accident and cause huge financial burden to your loved ones. In such situations, the emotional turmoil faced by people around you would be incomparable. Most of these unexpected expenses can be easily met when a personal accident insurance cover is taken.


Some Errors Made in Data Recovery

Software users usually expertise panic and frustration once the files on their machines cannot be accessed. It’s usually significantly nerve-racking for homeowners of small- and medium-sized businesses. they do not have the resources that giant corporations command, and a loss threatens to place them out of business permanently.



Data recovery services provide recovery assistance to the business owner, retrieving lost files for a fee. However, some people will try to recover the files themselves to save money. This can be done in some instances; however, if mistakes are made, the data might never be found.


Probably the biggest mistake is getting in a hurry, coupled with poor planning. Recovering from a data disaster recovery is usually the last thing a small-business owner plans to address. Unfortunately, it’s also one circumstance that can quickly shut their doors. When disaster strikes, they will try anything that they might have heard, often worsening the situation. The best advice is to shut off the machine, sit back calmly and formulate a plan.


Another mistake some people make is opening the hard drive case. They think they will discover the problem by peeking inside. Because of the delicate components in a drive, this sometimes spells doom for the data contained on the drive. This task should be entrusted to a data recovery service that maintains the proper equipment for the job.


When a laptop or pc won’t boot up, even when the hard drive spins up, the likely culprit is a logical failure. This often happens when system files have been corrupted or deleted. A user with a little knowledge of computer operations may try to re-create the drive’s partition. They know the data is still there; they just need to repair the system. Unfortunately, this can also lose data permanently.


Akin to partition re-creation, formatting the drive before the files are recovered will also result in permanent loss. Formatting overwrites all of the files on the disk. The chances of a successful recovery are slim to none.


Even if the user knows that recovery is performed before system repair, he may try to save the data back on the same drive, another big mistake. The area where the original files were stored may be perceived by the system as available. Therefore, the computer may write some of the recovered file over the unrecovered files, deleting them before they can be retrieved. Recovered files should always be written to alternate locations, such as an external drive or a secondary internal drive.


When the computer owner finally realizes that the drive should be taken to a data recovery specialist, he should always provide the recovery engineer with as much relevant information as possible. This is especially important when server recovery is needed. Servers can be designed with one of several RAID configurations, each with its own recovery procedure. Failure to provide all of the pertinent information hurts the chances for a successful recovery.


Realme 3 Features Leaked | launched Soon With Cheapest Price in india

Oppo launched a smartphone of the RealMe Collection and made it an incredible hit in India. As a result of it’s the first such smartphone out there of a big model, by which the characteristic is given like an costly telephone, however the value is sort of a small model telephone. Not too long ago, RealMe launched a brand new sequence smartphone by which RealMe One with Realme 2 and Realme 2 Professional is included. Now the corporate has a brand new SmartPhone of this sequence. You’re known as to be Realme 3, however earlier than the teaser launch of this telephone is it is all options now went leaked.

If the information had been to be believed, the Helio P70 processor would have been given with a 6.four inch FHD AMOLED show within the Realme of the brand new upcoming smartphone Realme 3. This telephone could be precisely just like the look of the Discover X in Oppo, the place the sliding digicam Many distinctive options have been supplied with this report. In line with the report, this smartphone could have a 24 + 16 + 5 megapixel triple digicam with quick charging and two 16 + 12MP digicam in entrance.

Realme 3 Features Leaked | launched Soon With Cheapest Price, lastbench Trick

The Realme Three display ratio could be 95 %, i.e. the flower view show should have been given. Along with this, there will likely be a fingerprint sensor apart from the Face Unlock characteristic and lots of new options that aren’t out there in any main model smartphone. And when you discuss concerning the value then this telephone can value between 16 to 18 thousand rupees.


What to Do In Order to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance Possible

Even though you might not legally be required to have homeowner’s insurance (depending on your state), you will still need it. If you’re a new homeowner, your mortgage lender will most likely require coverage in order to get your loan. If you have already paid the home off, it’s still a good idea to search for best homeowners insurance rates so that you can get coverage to protect you in any case that you either lose your home or are about to lose your home, for any number of reasons (a lawsuit, fire, flood, etc.)



How do you get the best rates? By shopping around. Take a minute to search a reliable site for quotes and compare those quotes to learn about the different companies, coverage options, and policy details. Read over each offer carefully, including the fine print. Know exactly what the coverage costs, which should ideally be the home, property, and contents. Some companies may require you to purchase home contents insurance separately.


Do not confuse the amount you paid for the house with the costs of rebuilding it. Construction prices only ever go up, not down. The value of a house only goes down after time, unless you make significant upgrades. If your house has “disaster-resistant” features or security equipment and technology, insurance companies will likely offer a nice discount. You can do things like reinforce your roof, modernizing your electrical systems, getting an alarm system installed, etc.


Try your best to maintain a good credit score. If your credit is bad, it’s going to be more difficult to get the best homeowners insurance rates. Try your best to catch up with your bills and increase your credit score as quickly as you can. Prove to potential insurers that you are successfully improving your personal credit.


How to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance Rates

Try to obtain any discount you can. Most insurance companies offer some type of discounts to entice new homeowners and to keep current customers loyal. The types of discounts available vary from one company to the next. As mentioned above, there ARE usually discounts for having a weather-proof and burglar-proof home. However, you might also get a discount for paying annually instead of monthly, or for being a non-smoker. Some insurance companies really do offer discounts if all the people living in the home are non-smokers.


Get all of the information regarding your house and its construction materials prepared, as you might be required to provide a lot of details during the application process. Do you have a garage connected to the home? What kinds of materials were used to construct the roof? Be sure and answer correctly so that you can get the right insurance for your needs.


How to activate windows for free using an easy way

Right here I telling methods to activate home windows 10 totally free with none software program, with none product key. Utilizing this fashion very simply can activate home windows 10.

It’s important to purchase a brand new laptop computer or PC home windows 10 already comes with activation however any causes it’s best to format your PC or laptop computer and don’t have activater key to you so that you don’t activate home windows 10 with out a key.

You wish to activate home windows 10 however don’t have activater key to you so The primary query is available in your thoughts methods to activate home windows 10 totally free.

Now right here I’ve include an answer to the issue. Earlier than realizing methods to activate home windows 10 totally free we all know why have to activate home windows 10?

Why have to activate home windows 10?

You recognize that know-how the place to succeed in. And at present hackers have grow to be sensible and They Discover out new hacking paths.

Hackers can pour the virus in your laptop computer and pc in any method in case your Home windows will not be activated. For those who should not have a Home windows Activate, so that you don’t get any home windows updates.

Microsoft fixes many home windows 10 bugs however you possibly can’t repair it with out home windows 10 updating. To maintain your system secure from hackers and keep up to date to home windows system replace so you will want to activate home windows 10.

I hope you perceive Why have to activate home windows 10? Let’s know activate home windows 10 totally free?

activate home windows 10 totally free?

Let’s now know methods to activate Home windows 10 totally free. Simply observe on under steps and Activate Home windows system.

1. First, activate any browser and click on on a hyperlink and open it.

How to activate windows 10 for free

2. After you will notice some codes and simply copy this codes and paste in Notepad.

How to activate windows 10 for free

3. Pasting this codes in Notepad save this file with windowstxt.cmd(you can provide any file title however you want require .cmd extension) extension.

How to activate windows 10 for free

4. Simply proper click on save .cmd file and choose Run as administrator possibility.

How to activate windows 10 for free

5. After opening the .cmd file simply await 5 to 10 minutes and your home windows 10 system will routinely activate.

Different Than Home windows 10 utilizing these steps you possibly can activate home windows 7/8/8.1/10, and extra home windows OS.


VirtualBox 5.2 On Ubuntu System 16.04 LTS Server (Headless)

When it’s important to check a number of working techniques and software program on completely different platforms, VirtualBox is a software to have. It’s a cross-platform virtualization software program that permits you to run visitor working system inside a home windows of the host laptop. The visitor machine can Home windows, Linux or Mac working techniques.


VirtualBox is a robust software that I’d suggest each IT scholar to obtain and set up to create digital labs. These labs generally is a self-contained environments the place you may check completely different functions and settings.



This temporary tutorial exhibits college students and new customers learn how to set up VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS servers. Should you’re studying this put up then you definitely in all probability know a factor or two about VirtualBox.


To put in VirtualBox on Ubuntu servers, observe the steps beneath

Step 1: Replace Ubuntu

Earlier than putting in VirtualBox, run the instructions beneath to replace the Ubuntu server.

sudo apt-get replace && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove


Step 2: Set up Required Linux Headers

Now that your system is up to date, run the instructions beneath to put in required Ubuntu linux headers.

sudo apt-get -y set up gcc make linux-headers-$(uname -r) dkms


Step 3: Add VirtualBox Repository and key

After putting in the required package deal above, run the instructions beneath to put in VirtualBox repository key.

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Subsequent run the instructions beneath so as to add VirtualBox repository to your system.

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) contrib" >> /and so forth/apt/sources.checklist'


Step 4: Set up VirtualBox

After including the repository and key, run the instructions beneath to put in VirtualBox 5.2. On the time of this writing the most recent model of the software program was 5.2. If there are newer variations accessible, please exchange the 2 beneath with the present newest.

sudo apt-get replace
sudo apt-get set up virtualbox-5.2

To confirm if VirtualBox is put in, run the instructions beneath.

VBoxManage -v


Step 5: Set up VirtualBox Extension Pack

Everytime you put in VirtualBox be certain to put in the extension pack as nicely. The pack permits VRDP (Digital Distant Desktop Protocol) and lots of different enhancements.

To put in it, run the instructions beneath

curl -O
sudo VBoxManage extpack set up Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.2.4-119785.vbox-extpack

Conform to the phrases and set up.

Run the instructions beneath to view the extension pack put in.

VBoxManage checklist extpacks

The outcomes ought to appear to be the one beneath:

[email protected]:~$ VBoxManage checklist extpacks
Extension Packs: 1
Pack no. 0:   Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Model:      5.2.4
Revision:     119785
Description:  USB 2.Zero and USB 3.Zero Host Controller, Host Webcam, VirtualBox RDP, PXE ROM, Disk Encryption, NVMe.
VRDE Module:  VBoxVRDP
Usable:       true
Why unusable:


That is learning how to set up VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS servers

Get pleasure from!

In our subsequent put up, we’ll present you learn how to create new visitor machines from the command line in VirtualBox. Till then, please keep tuned.


5 Information About Mortgage Insurance

A specialized kind of insurance policy that has recently made its advent into the mortgage industry, mortgage insurance promises that your loan will be repaid when you are faced with disability or death.


As a borrower of a mortgage, you are given a tenure of about 12 months or higher depending on your situation. The lender has the liberty to seek protection for the capital that he loans out with the help of insurance instruments of this type.


Two types of this specialized insurance exist. And a number of popular banks and financial institutions provide this insurance. Now, let’s get straight into the details, so you’re well prepared to make your choice.



  1. Private Mortgage Insurance

Private mortgage insurance products are provided by insurance companies, in order to be able to provide a certain degree of security to the lender when giving out large sums on credit. When an event of default occurs, the insurance will take care of a significant part of the capital that has been lent out. This type of insurance is provided by private insurance companies.


  1. Mortgage Insurance Premium

Premium insurance for mortgages comprises products of mortgage life insurance that seek protection for the lender in the case of nonpayment because of genuine reasons such as unfortunate events. These are unique products because they are facilitated by government insurance bodies.


  1. Fixed Mortgage Rate

A fixed mortgage rate is an insurance product that provides a fixed rate of interest during the entire term of the loan. Market conditions don’t affect the rates of mortgage in this service, and the product features a pre-fixed rate of interest. The rate of interest fixed beforehand ranges from 12.5% to 25% and is decided upon at the time of borrowing.


  1. Flexible Mortgage Rate

A flexible mortgage service consists of an interest rate that differs in correspondence to the change in market movements. Also referred to as floating or adjusting rates, flexible mortgage rates involve a high risk factor.


  1. Your Options for Mortgage Insurance

Housing finance companies that are the forerunners of the organized mortgage industry include LIC Housing Finance, ICICI Home Finance, and HDFC, among others. Being the biggest catalysts of mortgage insurance products in the country, these companies are known for providing the most well-known form of mortgage loans.


Also catching up with the industry are cooperative, national, foreign, and commercial banks, as well as other financial companies from the non-banking sector.


How to block a phone(Contact) number on Android At Home

Many individuals know and many individuals don’t know “Tips on how to block a telephone quantity on Android “. This text could be very helpful these peoples don’t know easy methods to block a telephone quantity.

These days everybody makes use of a smartphone and now telephone calls have charge low in comparison with earlier than days. In earlier instances just one telephone center all relations however now all of the individuals have smartphones.

Now everybody has a smartphone and anybody could make telephone calls from anybody. In the present day Spam calls have elevated and Spammers disturb you by making telephone calls in several methods.

You may block spam calls to telephone numbers and After blocking telephone numbers they will’t name once more. So Name block function could be very helpful for smartphone customers.

Name block function already are available in all Android telephone however Name block methodology minor totally different in lots of Android telephones. I offers you an instance on under of 2-Three Android smartphone and I’ll inform easy methods to block a telephone quantity on these telephones. Let’s see “Tips on how to block a telephone quantity on Android”.

Tips on how to block a telephone quantity on Android

  • Tips on how to block a telephone quantity on OPPO F3
  1. First, go to a telephone Setting and discover Name possibility.
  2. After discovering Name possibility click on on it and you may see Block possibility.
  3. Click on on Block possibility and After opening it, you may see the Backlist possibility.
  4. Open backlist possibility and you may see backlist numbers and also you need to might add numbers in backlist so click on on the underside Add possibility.
  5. After opening Add possibility, you may put any ContactsTeams, and Name Log numbers in backlist.
  • Tips on how to block a telephone quantity on Redmi Be aware 4
  1. Initially, open Contacts in your Redmi Be aware 4.
  2. After opening contacts Choose any contact you need to block quantity.
  3. Choose the quantity and click on on it and open it.
  4. After opening a choose quantity, you may see a Proper Facet high 3-dots button.
  5. Click on on the 3-dots button and you may see Block choices.
  6. Click on on Block possibility and block that telephone quantity.

Above I’ve advised about easy methods to block a telephone quantity on OPPO F3 and Redmi Be aware 4. Principally each telephone this methodology is identical.

Aside from these telephones you utilize totally different smartphones. Involves any downside in block a telephone quantity so you should utilize different third-party apps.

Right here I counsel you the perfect telephone quantity blockers apps utilizing these you may very simply block any telephone quantity and These apps are Truecaller, Calls Blacklist, and Call Blocker.


Virtualized Server Farm Challenges

Although server farm virtualization is far from being a new concept, the introduction of a Virtual Machine Monitor for servers based on Intel Architecture by VMware Inc. first, and other vendors subsequently, has made it in the last few years a very hot topic. Many firms have just started to introduce virtualization, and some have not even yet, but many others are already coping with a new set of specific issues due to virtualization. In this article we shall explore two related issues some people believe will play a significant role in the near future: VM stall and VM sprawl.



VM stall

IT departments have often decided to start the virtualization process for their server farm by focusing on servers belonging to one of the following categories:

  • Development servers.
  • Test servers.
  • Servers with low utilization rate.
  • Old servers no longer supported by the HW vendor but whose application stack is still required.
  • Unsupported operating systems (e.g., Windows NT 4.0).

This choice was grounded on several good motivations like the following:

Mitigation of the of the unsatisfactory performance risk. Excessive latency due to the virtualization layer overhead may produce unexpected performance problems whose business impact may be acceptable for development and test systems, but unacceptable for production systems. Moreover, generally speaking, the lower the current utilization, the lower the risk of having performance problems after virtualization.


High HW maintenance savings. Financial savings due the reduced number of physical servers are larger when the consolidation ratio is larger; that makes servers with low utilization ideal for server virtualization.


Mitigation of the support risk. At the beginning several SW vendors were reluctant to support their SW in a virtualized setting (actually some still are). Several IT departments decided to ignore this reluctance for development and test servers but they could not definitely do the same for production systems.


Over the time Virtual Machine Monitor scalability has improved and several risks play now a minor role. As a consequence it is quite natural to wonder whether the scope of the virtualized server farm can be further expanded. Some IT departments are reluctant to go along this way; a fact that has been described elsewhere with the expression VM stall and classified as an important issue that needs to be tackled. We must actually first wonder whether this is an issue. Firms are not introducing, or at least they should not introduce, virtualization for the sake of virtualization but only because virtualization delivers significant benefits with minimum risks. If not, we are no longer in the realm of serious business investment.


Let consider for instance the decision of whether virtualizing or not production servers. Would the benefits offset the risks? Clearly the answer to this question depends on many factors that need to be carefully examined. If you virtualize 100 low-utilized uniprocessor servers you should expect to have significant HW maintenance savings; if you virtualize two highly-utilized 8 core servers you should not; and you should expect to run the risk of having excessive latency particularly if the workload is I/O intensive.


We all know that there are benefits of virtualization that can make attractive to virtualize a server even though no consolidation benefit is accrued. If you put a single VM on top of a Virtual Machine Monitor you do not have any consolidation benefits, but you still have the possibility to move your VM to another server to perform HW maintenance without having to rely on the complex technologies like High Availability clustering.


In conclusion, an accurate analysis of business benefits, costs and risks is more and more important to assess whether further expansion of the virtualized server farm can be useful.


VM sprawl

While some people are worried because server farm virtualization is not progressing at a faster pace, others are worried for the opposite reason that virtualization is making much easier to deploy new operating system instances (a phenomenon described by some as VM sprawl). Indeed in the past to instantiate a new OS instance first required to go through the long process of procuring a new HW box on which to install that OS instance. With Virtual Machine Monitors everything is far faster: with just a few clicks you may have your own OS instance up and running.


Well, that may look wonderful but it actually paves the way to a whole new set of issues: the new OS instance has to be maintained, SW licenses have to be paid, and so on. Was that OS instance really required? And if so, who will take care of discarding it when it is no longer required? In short server farm virtualization has freed us from the issue of server sprawl but it has replaced it with the new issue of OS instances sprawl.


This phenomenon was expected and SW vendors are already offering products that help to put discipline in the VM instantiation process so that the VM sprawl risk is mitigated. Preventing the VM sprawl by creating a strong control process has unfortunately the side effect of reducing the flexibility introduced with virtualization. An alternative approach is to adopt a weaker control process and use regularly tools to check whether VMs are actually being used. We have decided to follow this strategy by adding new functions to our virtual servers monitoring tool ( WASFO Data Collector). If a VM has been little utilized for long time, or even worse if it has been off for long time, it may well be that nobody actually needs it any more. We can automatically collect information like VM uptime, utilization and others that provide good hints of whether the VM should be discarded.



VM stall and VM sprawl are phenomena that albeit producing opposite consequences can co-exist in a datacenter. A firm may experience VM sprawl in currently virtualized server farm (i.e., creation of useless VMs) and be reluctant to further expand the scope of that server farm by virtualizing other servers.